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3 Popular Modern Ceiling Fan Styles That Suit Every Home


3 Popular Modern Ceiling Fan Styles That Suit Every Home

Ceiling fans are one of the most essential but overlooked design elements when it comes to home interior design. While many people think of them as just purely functional appliances that are an environmentally friendly option to air conditioners, homeowners looking to achieve a specific aesthetic in their homes know better.

Compared to the limited options of the past, modern ceiling fans have evolved to include a wide range of blade styles, colours, sizes, lighting options, and even finishes

To give you an idea of how well ceiling fans can match and complement any interior design style, here are some of the most popular styles you can find in Singaporean homes these days!

Interior Design Firm: A Blue Cube Design

Pure White with Light Kit

Planning for a predominantly white and minimalistic look and feel? A pure white fan is perfect to blend in with the muted colour palette and lends to an overall clean aesthetic.

Also, since most homeowners tend to opt for white ceilings regardless of style, a white fan is the top choice for homeowners looking for something simple and subtle.

Want to save on additional lighting points in the room? Opt for a white fan that comes with a light kit that doubles up as both fan and room lighting! Win-win!

Interior Design Firm: Darwin Interior

Wooden Blades with Light Kit

With Scandinavian and Industrial interior home styles trending with young Singaporean homeowners these days, it is not surprising to see ceiling fans with wooden blades emerging as a popular fan style! After all, what better to match the earthy tones of the aforementioned styles than a ceiling fan with similar shades?

Looking for a ceiling fan with a wooden styled blade? They come in all sorts of hues, from light maple (perfect for the light Scandi look) and deep walnut shades (ideal for the industrial aesthetic).

Interior Design Firm: D’Brain Studio

All Black Monochrome Fan with Spotlight

Prefer something a little on the darker side to avoid noticing the dust-build up? Or do you just prefer an overall monochromatic look for your space? If so, an all-black ceiling fan is the way to go!

As a bonus, they now also come in various finishes. So, whether you prefer a metallic sheen, glossy finish, or matte look, there is the ideal model just for you.

Fans With Amazing Functions That Will Surprise You

Besides being a gorgeous design addition to your living space, you will be surprised by what many new modern ceiling fans can do! 

Here are just some of the many functions they come with:

  • Anti-static coating to reduce dust build-up (which means less frequent cleaning!)
  • Energy-saving (up to 80% more energy-saving than conventional fans)
  • Reverse air flow circulation
  • Automatic safety stop function
  • Programmable settings
  • And more…

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