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3 Reasons Why You Need an Office Space at Home


3 Reasons Why You Need an Office Space at Home

Even with more Singaporeans heading back to the offices in recent months, the truth is remote work is likely the new normal for many of us in the near future. With working from home becoming an increasingly common reality for most, it thus makes a lot of sense to have a proper set-up, or office space at home so that working from home (whether permanently or on the weekends) will be a breeze.

Not convinced? Read on for 3 simple reasons why a dedicated office space at home will benefit you and your family!

Helps You Work Effectively and Maintain Productivity

For many of us, having a proper set-up with sufficient desk space, access to power outlets, good Wi-Fi, and storage space for our working materials and resources within reach is key for productivity. 

Unlike a temporary setup in communal living spaces, a dedicated office space can provide that for you so you can enjoy an effective workday.

Tip: Create a room for dual purposes (a workroom that doubles up as a walk-in wardrobe), so that you maximize your rooms for all that they are worth.

Interior Design Firm: ISHome Interior Design

Gives You Much-Needed Peace & Quiet

If the thought of working in the living room with your other family members going about their day-to-day routines gives you a nightmare, then you really should consider your own home office away from all that.

Having a peaceful and tranquil space free from disturbances to focus on your work or conduct your professional work calls, is but a quick renovation away.

Tip: Include some relaxing touches like flowers, scents, and even a comfortable lounger for that mid-day work break.

Interior Design Firm: Legacy Interior

Helps in Setting Boundaries Between Work & Home

Working from home has truly blurred the boundaries of work responsibilities and home life, which is precisely why setting boundaries (including physical boundaries) can help in maintaining this much-needed work-life balance.

A permanent office set-up at home away from shared living spaces helps you distinguish where work starts and where it ends (at the end of the workday when you leave the space).

For those with kids and fur-kids at home, the ability to keep them out of the space is invaluable, ensuring that you will never be interrupted in meetings (ala BBC News Interview) or have your work materials messed up.

Interior Design Firm: The Creative Coup

Creative Workspaces at Home for Those Without a Spare Room

Don’t have a spare room to create that dedicated workspace? Not to fear! There are plenty of creative solutions to help you achieve similar effects:

  • Create a workstation corner in your master bedroom that is also off-limits to the rest of the family during working hours.
  • Set up a standing workstation (no chair required) in a small room to minimize the footprint required for a full-fledged workspace.
  • Find a quiet nook in your home that can be turned into a cosy work “cubicle” – use a room divider for maximum impact.
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Looking to Create a Productive Home Office Space for Your Home?

Need an interior designer to help you incorporate a home office space for your new future-ready home? 

Use ID Mate, Redbrick Home’s all-new algorithm-powered matchmaker that helps you find your dream interior designer based on your specific needs and requirements to get started today!

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