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Ideas and Inspiration: Scandinavian Home Design


Ideas and Inspiration: Scandinavian Home Design

Wondering what all the hype about Scandinavian home interior design is all about? Or looking to recreate that Pinterest-worthy Scandinavian style in your very own home? 

Here is a simple guide to designing your home in a Scandinavian style.

Overall Scandinavian Design Elements

Scandinavian décor, also often referred to as the Nordic style, is beloved worldwide (and particularly popular on social media) for its balance of simplicity, functionality, and comfort above everything else. 

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Ready to start planning your renovation needs and purchases? 

Keep in mind these few key principles and characteristics which any Scandinavian-styled interior needs to adhere to:

  • Less is More – The overall Scandinavian design style adheres to a minimalist aesthetic to keep spaces uncluttered and open. So, think hidden storage spaces, open layouts, and minimal detailing or decorations.
  • Light And Airy Spaces – Large unobstructed windows, light (usually white) walls, and furniture are key to achieve that bright and airy look.
  • A Muted and Neutral Colour Palette – White is typically a dominant colour in Scandinavian design, with a complementary accent palette of muted cream, grays, blues, and tan shades. Avoid overly vibrant pops of colors at all costs. 
  • Wood Accents and Finishes – In keeping with the overall light look and feel of Nordic design when incorporating natural elements in the space, typically woods such as ash, beech, and pine with lighter shades are preferred in flooring and furniture choices.

Scandinavian Inspired Furniture & Decor

Looking for Scandinavian-inspired furniture and décor to achieve that dreamy aesthetic on your Pinterest mood board? 

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Here are essentials you cannot miss out on:

  • Minimalist and Practical Designs – Avant-garde designs are out of the question. Stick to your classic solid light wood-based furniture and opt for clever modular shelving and storage options where possible. Think Ikea.
  • A Comfy Upholstered Fabric Sofa – When it comes to a Scandinavian home, there is always a plush fabric sofa at the heart of the living space. The perfect place to snuggle up with your loved ones.
  • Incorporate Warm Natural Materials – Wool, cotton, and any other natural textiles and fabrics are a great way to incorporate natural materials into the décor. Whether it is a shaggy floor rug, a comfortable sheepskin throw, or hug-worthy knitted pillow and more, they all help to add to that cosy feeling that is characteristic of the aesthetic.
  • A Touch of Botanical Greenery – Plants and even dried florals, help to add pops of colour without being too overwhelming and they make for a fresher and cleaner environment too. Works great as decorative pieces or as artwork on the walls.
  • Scandinavian Artwork – What better way to decorate your walls than with your personal choice of Nordic art prints to bring out your individuality? Check out Etsy for a wide range of neutral-toned prints for the perfect finishing touch on your Scandi-inspired home.
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