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Allure Design Studio

Allure Design Studio

At Allure, we believe in designs that reflect the owners’ lifestyle and needs. Customers never get pressured into any designs or plans that do are not  a reflection of who they are. Design is life. We are living in a design world and as such, a home or working space should have a touch of design based on one’s lifestyle and habits.

As designers, we are also home owners and understand there is no fixed design or plan for every home interior. Every home is unique to its owner. We always look forward to meeting owners regardless of who they are or where they come from and do our best to meet their renovation needs, whether it be for just a minor revamp of a kitchen or an overhaul of the whole house. Through the whole renovation journey, homeowners also learn the challengers we face and how we overcome them to help them have their dream homes.

1014 Geylang East Avenue 3, #04-186, S389728


Tiong Bahru

Punggol Walk

Bayshore Road

Client Reviews

The level of expertise and professionalism I experienced with Victor is unparalleled. A calm and positive paired with his non-judgmental guidance was a winning combination that made a potentially embarrassing and emotional process exciting! Hats off to Victor.

Annie & Derrick

Spencer will work with you, at your pace & at your side, to achieve the quality of space you know you deserve. I felt so happy with him settling all the obstacle we encountered. Who knew a little design firm could make such a difference?


Victor & Spencer does a wonderful job in identifying a client’s taste and style and incorporating that into any work they does for you.

They have a great sense of color/style and final vision for any project they undertake.

The end result is a masterful culmination of what they envision as a professional designer, and the look and feel desired by the client.