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Happe Design Atelier

Happe Design Atelier

happe /’hapi/

A design studio that seamlessly integrates aesthetics and functionality to create cohesive spatial experiences.

Established in 2012 by a group of enthusiastic designers that are driven to create maximum impact within the constraints and functionality.

Teamwork is our bedrock, it is put together by experience, communication and passion for design. Architecture & interior design is a multi-faceted profession. Our principal designers Kelvyn, Ean and Choo Yih come in with different design backgrounds that are particularly important in our studio.
We work together to craft spaces that are environmentally-aesthetical and functional which enhances the users’ experience without burning a hole in pocket.

It shows through the space we created, every elements is designed thoughtfully, connected and planned as a whole.

195 pearl’s hill terrace  #03-17 singapore 168976


Sol Acres

Rowell Road

River Isle

Bukit Batok

Ang Mo Kio

Bukit Batok


Client Reviews

Happe previously did the renovation work for my corporate office. I was impressed with their work that I decided to engage their services again for my Social Enterprise Office space. Working alongside with Kelvyn was fantastic! As I was in Canada when the renovation was ongoing, ww had to do everything remotely. Kelvyn managed to handle the project very well. What impressed me the most was the design which is trendy, cool and Kelvyn gave some of his ideas that made the place so unique. Overall, I’m very glad I chose Happe.

Flora Ng

Happe was a recommendation from a friend of ours as we were looking for a reliable ID to handle our renovation. We arranged a meeting, felt that they were the right person for the project and decided to engage them. Our IDs was Choo Yih & Kelvyn, they were responsive and gave a good first impression. We both discussed what we wanted for the design and gave them a tight timeline. Kelvyn coordinates well with the rest of his team (carpenter, electrician and construction workers etc). They are all very professional and managed to work well together making sure that the project runs smoothly. As for the carpentry, it was unique and unconventional which is out of the norm. We were impressed with the workmanship and the how they exceeded our expectations!

Ou Kexin

A friend introduce HAPPE to us. Just like a lot of own had bad experience some of my other friends will actually warn me that once the interior design company take their 3rd payment they will start to be unreasonable. But this never happen to HAPPE design atelier. Their are very professional through out the whole renovation. They are someone that I can trust. I was away to japan on the first week of renovation I pass then all my key including my company van. They regularly update me on the process and even before the completely finish I told them I I wanted to made my full payment because I can really trust their professional. What sock me was their after sale service now my shop was done way better then what I had imagine thanks to team HAPPE DESIGN ATELIER.

Jacob Beh