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Ideas & Inspiration: Industrial Home Living


Ideas & Inspiration: Industrial Home Living

Looking for ideas and inspiration to help bring your vision of an industrial style interior design for your home to life? You are in the right place! 

Here is our simple guide to designing a home in an industrial-style.

Interior Design Firm: The Eklektik Atelier

Overall Industrial Design Elements

The industrial style, also commonly referred to as industrial chic, as its name suggests, is one that draws heavily from the design aesthetic of industrial spaces like factories, mills, warehouses, and the like. 

Here are some key design elements that are characteristic of any industrial style home and cannot be missed:

  • Open layouts – Industrial interiors tend to default to open layouts with little to no dividing walls to demarcate spaces much like the large expansive industrial spaces they were inspired by.
  • Raw & unfinished feel – To attain that raw and unfinished industrial look, elements like exposed brick walls, metal beams, cement floors, pipes, and ducts are purposely left in their natural state. 
  • Metal, stone & wood – Materials like steel, iron, and stone are commonly paired with wood for that distinctive edgy flair.

Interior Design Firm: Juz Interior

Industrial Inspired Furniture 

Looking for industrial-inspired furniture that matches well with your space? 

Here are the key things you should look out for:

  • Metallic colour palette – Industrial furniture should not be bright or bold. Stick with a simple colour palette like silver, grey, bronze, gold, and you cannot go wrong.
  • Vintage & distressed – The idea of having a piece of furniture that has that slightly worn-down look to it is what adds to the character of the piece. Think industrial style cabinets or metal stools etc.
  • Leather – Rich leather couches are a staple in most industrial-inspired living rooms. Not a fan of leather? Opt for fabric sofas in similar tan shades for a similar effect.
  • Accessories – Go with accessories that come with a metal finish like copper, pewter, steel, or iron, a weathered look or simply look like they belong in an industrial space.
Interior Design Firm: Luxurious Design

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

While industrial spaces tend to be associated with a dark and dreary atmosphere, it does not have to be with the right lighting fixtures.

Here are some common industrial lighting fixtures to consider:

  • Exposed light bulbs – This is as raw as it gets when it comes to lighting fixtures. Get creative with how you can display them in your home for an interesting look. From having exposed messy cables, clustering them together in a bunch to spreading them out for a chandelier effect.
  • Wire cage lighting – Looking just like it came straight from a factory floor, wire cage lighting is an unconventional lighting fixture that is perfect for the industrial look.
  • Metal dome lamps – Metal finishes are the best way to incorporate the industrial vibe into any space. If exposed light bulbs are not your cup of tea, go with metal domes or shades for your lighting fixtures to complement the space.
Interior Design Firm: Meraki Interior

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