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21 Interior Studio

21 Interior Studio provide highly-customized design concepts and space planning ideas according to the different lifestyles of our […]

9 Atelier

At 9 Atelier, we believe that a sanctuary reflects one’s true identity. As a boutique interior design firm, we provide […]

96 Degree

96 Designers Group was founded in a desire to create interior space that are inviting, aesthetically pleasing and stylistic. […]

A.RK Interior Design

A.RK Interior Design defines contemporary designs with luxurious details. The team at A.RK Interior Design has over […]

A’s Design Werkz

At A’s Design Werkz, we offer customised interior renovation works, from consultation to conceptualisation […]

AC Vision Design

What is that our customers want? This is the question we constantly ask ourselves as we endeavor to understand and meet our […]

ALLS Interior Design

Art . Life . Love . Space
艺术 . 生活 . 爱心 . 空间

Apex Design

Our objectives are to meet your requirements and challenges to create and plan your space optimally. […]

Area IA+D

AREA IA+D is an up and coming design consultancy firm which aspires to offer its clients with creative and functional designs […]


ARK-hitecture is a Singapore-based company built on a foundation of hard work and dedication. We are devoted to […]

Aspen Design Studio

We pledge to provide exceptional services as we believe everyone are entitled to a beautiful and functional home […]


Founded in 2015, Azcendant is helmed by Mr CK Choo with two other like-minded peers. Our firm believes that each and […]

B-Two Design and Build

B-Two Interior Design is a professional and creative interior design firm established in 2010 […]


We are an Interior Design Studio based in Singapore with an outstanding reputation for quality, bespoke designs across Singapore […]

Beaux Monde

Beaux Monde is a team of world-class Professional Interior Designers trusted by thousands of residents. We are proud to […]

Beyond Design

Beyond Design offers a comprehensive design service, with sharp attention to detail. The team believe in going the extra mile to create […]

BoonSiew D’sign

BoonSiew D’Sign is an award winning interior designer in Singapore. Our experienced consultants have helped families design […]

Ciseern By Designer Furnishings

Ciseern is an Award-Winning Interior Design Company serving more than 16,000 homeowners […]

Cool Interior

We have one-stop decoration design service to make your perfect home and have a comfortable environment […]

Cozy Ideas

Through the referrals and recommendations via our satisfied customers, this is how Cozy Ideas has thrived in this industry […]

Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle

Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle Pte Ltd is a homegrown company, dedicated to create a unique lifestyle experience for our clients […]

D’ Initial Concept

D’ Initial Concept believes that a home reflects you – who you are and your idea of happiness. It is an everlasting witness of your precious […]

D’Art Interior

Our integrated design philosophy balances thoughtful space planning, artistic vision and experience in […]

Design Cube

Started in 2016, DesignCube is made up of a team of experienced individuals with many years of industry experience under their belts. […]

Design Identity

Interior design is a fusion of the art of designing and the skill of practical space planning. We are readily equipped with experiences […]

Design Style

Design Style was founded on the year 2009. The expertise in space planning has been the essence behind Design Style […]

Diva’s Interior

Diva’s interior was established 2014 with the purpose of providing high quality interior design and renovation services for our clients in […]

Dreamworks Concept

If you’re looking for inspiration for your interior, this modern elegant home will definitely inspire you. From […]

E Modern

Emodern Pte Ltd (known as “Emodern interior design” ) an established Interior Design firm in Singapore […]

Eightyseven Studio

Interior design is a fusion of the art of designing and the skill of practical space planning. We are readily equipped with experiences […]


Erstudio was established in 2016 as a boutique interior design consultancy and renovation firm. Helmed by industry professionals […]


Ethereall is established by a group of young designers who are experienced in interior architecture, design and fashion. The […]

Glamour Concept

Glamour Concept is a Singapore interior design firm dedicated to transforming your dream home into reality. To create glamorous […]


GranVision D’sign Pte Ltd is recognized as a full-service interior design firm specializing in comprehensive interior detailing […]

Groove Interior Design

Groove Interior Design was created in 2014. Since then, we have grown into a family of creative […]

Haire living

Conceptualize and created since 2004, Haire Living Pte Ltd, as an interior design house, aspires to provide quality design consultation […]

Happe Design Atelier

A design studio that seamlessly integrates aesthetics and functionality to create cohesive spatial experiences[…]

Harvest Le Design

At Harvest Le Design, we believe in creating individualised living spaces which speak to the aesthetic tastes of our clients. With our […]

Haydn Studio

We create interiors that feel comfortably sophisticated, rich and relaxed… Interiors that inspire you daily through nuance, harmony […]

Homies Design

Homies Design is a one stop solution for interior design & renovation services where we specialize in home interior design and […]

HV Interior (Aminterior)

At Amterior, we work closely with our clients to design a home that is uniquely theirs. Thorough understanding of their personalities […]

HY Carpentry

With over 40 years of experience, it’s no surprise that HY Carpentry Pte Ltd is the first choice for hundreds of Singaporeans looking […]


HYJK is an interior design firm focusing on Scandinavian, Minimalist, Contemporary, Modern and Industrial design movements. […]

IB Interior

Founded in 2009, IB Interior Pte Ltd is the brainchild of Elton, Lydia and Jords. The story is that the trio […]


Idfferent Design has created a studio to provide a fully comprehensive bespoke interior design service […]

Image Creative Design Pte Ltd

Established since 1995, Image Creative Design is an award winning company in the interior design business […]

Ingenious Design Solutions LLP

Ingenious Design Solutions LLP is established in 2005 by the founder. We are specialized in interior design […]

Interior Signature Studio

Designing through the lenses of art, people and culture, we design spaces that are uniquely yours! We believe in being transparent and […]

Interior Times Design

Interior Times has built an award winning Design Consultancy with their friendly, approachable attitude, enthusiasm and meticulous […]

ISHome Interior Design

As a subsidiary company of ISH Interior Design Holdings Pte Ltd, ISHome focuses in creating a personalized […]

Jialux Interior

We believe in creating our own design boundaries. Creativity, finesse and passion are the keys to beautiful art pieces. […]

Juz Interior

At Juz Interior, we’re committed to creating a space you’ll love. Specialized in transforming Singapore’s residential […]

Kaginl ID

Kaginl Interior Designer is a professional and creative interior consultant in Singapore, which is reputed for his excellence in interior […]

Le Interi Design

Le Interi was inaugurated because of a desire to create state of art living and to develop exhilarating design. We set ourselves apart […]

Lite Design Collaborative

Lite Design Collaborative is an interior design practice, founded in 2018 with a passion for spatial design […]


Launched in 2015, Livspace is India’s and SEA’s fastest growing home interiors and renovation platform […]

Massing Design

The designers working at Massing Design have been passionately transforming spaces and coming up with new […]

Maxwell Interior Design

A one-stop solution that provides interior design and renovation services. To strictly meet our client’s budget and timeline, we […]

Mink Design

Provides full fledge of renovation services. With our in-house designers and project managers, we undertake projects from residential to […]

MyDesign Interiors

MyDesign has continuously proven its credibility and the infinite possibilities of a design. Its designers take pride […]

NK Design Studio

Studio NK is an interior design firm who works across residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail projects, creating […]

Orange Interior

Here at Orange Interior, you can be empowered to create a home that you’ve always envisioned. Get access […]

Our Interior

At Our Interior, we produce reasonably priced, high quality interior design and renovation work by transforming great […]

Ovon Design

As a young team unified by a deep love for the art and craft of design, we see the promise of prefect beauty and […]


Para.graph is where design is life, where all aspects of life experiences and nature are our sources of inspirations. […]


Parenthesis is a design studio that explores the relationship of space, material, and objects in immersive interior […]

Pavilon BC

Pavilon BC has a team of dedicated interior designers and workers who will journey with home owners in making their dream home […]

Promesa Artz

The creation of Promesa Artz was more than just a mere profession but rather a sincere dedication and fulfillment to our […]

Raffles Design

Raffles Design Pte. Ltd. comprises of an experience team of professionals committed to develop designs that are highly […]

Regiis Design

At Regiis we believe that design is a tradition, not a trend. Our design philosophy is to continuously innovate whilst embracing […]

Reno Reno

Reno Reno Pte Ltd offers sound advices and customised designs according to clients’ preferences […]

Richfield Integrated

Our success & great track record lies in the 6 core values: Creativity & innovation; Outstanding workmanship; On-time delivery […]

Rockstar Interior

Rockstar Interior is set up by two partners with prior experience in one of the biggest interior design companies in […]

SEDS Interior

At SEDS Interior, we believe in providing exceptional design services that are tailored to our client’s needs, and to create […]

Sky Creation

Sky Creation is an award-winning renovation firm that has garnered the most awards in the industry over the years. It is […]

Space Atelier

Creative practice that operates within the field of interior design. We approach design through rigorous inquiry into the needs & challenges […]

Space Change

We have assisted and completed with many home projects for Homeowners like you and helped them save away on an average […]

Space Define

The work of a professional can make all the difference. That’s where a local interior designer comes in. Space Define Interior […]

Space Sense Studio

Space Sense is a boutique interior design firm helmed by Kelvin Teo, an award-winning interior and furniture designer. […]

Spacebox IDesign

Spacebox IDesign help to build dreams together with the home owners, building their dreams into concept with strong development […]

Storey Ideas

Storytelling through interior design is what we do best. Our services push design limits and boundaries to create […]

Studio CS

The CS in Studio CS is pronounced as “程祥“ and the definition of this phrase is An Auspicious Journey: Our ultimate goal is […]

Summerhaus D’zign

Summerhaus D’zign is an award winning interior design studio based in Singapore. Since inception, our works have recognised […]

Swiss Interior

Bold Thinking Creates Inspiring Designs. Confident designs start with careful listening. Swiss Interior, established 2012, lives to […]

The I-Plan Studio

i-Bridge Design Pte Ltd is an established interior design since the year 2005. With 30 staff strength […]

The Interior Lab

We are a team of interior designers with overflowing creative juices and vivid imagination. An eye for design and the […]

The Interior Place

It’s been 15 years since Wayne and Candy Ng started The Interior Place, and they are still going strong. Their hard work and […]

The Movement Design

The Movement Design Collective is a progressive boutique atelier standing on the base of “everyone deserves more”, with the […]


We believe good space planning and design contribute to the overall energy a space emits. We believe spaces are not passive […]


We look at who you are, how you want to be perceived, how you work and where you move… every detail is important to […]

Woodates Carpentry

Our working philosophy and values focus on craftsmanship and strict control on quality from the design phase, material choosing […]

Yew Interior Design


YWA Interior

YWA Interior’s years of experience has allowed us to build a good protocol to manage our projects efficiently and streamline […]


ZXDESIGN is a home-grown boutique interior design firm that strongly believes that in design, the possibilities are endless and […]


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