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Parenthesis is a design studio that explores the relationship of space, material, and objects in an immersive interior environment, threading the cultural context and lifestyle aspect through a modern lens.

We possess a whole collective of design with works that extend beyond a single definitive style, knitted together through contemporary ideas. We believe in diversity, collaboration, understanding the needs of all stakeholders; ensuring that every project has the most unique results through the mixture of creative thinking and functionality. The studio is an ever-evolving articulation of experiential spaces and the things that reside within.

201 Henderson Road #06-15 Apex@Henderson, 159545


Richnond Park

Sumang Walk

Client Reviews

Parenthesis did a great job with the space planning. They came up with different options and make sure that it is tailored to fit our requirement. What convinced me to go ahead with them was their proposal, where the design responds specifically to our brief, not cookie-cutter style as some other ID’s that we’ve met.


I was recommended to Parenthesis by a friend. I have budget constraint, not so typical house layout, and, as a design-trained myself, I am looking for more-than-average design. I wanted to have that special place to cherish for long time, not just another home renovation. So, I needed someone who is careful and meticulous enough to take on the project. I like how genuine their approach and how design-oriented they are. It is not about fuss-free, quick renovation. The process is long, but it is about realizing the best potential of the space, getting the right detail and material, and how they handle each challenge that the site presented. They stay true to the design concept and principle and care to explain it to me rather than taking the easy way out. It was great experience to work with passionate designers who take pride in what they do. Cheers


For me, it is the simplicity yet elegance approach to their works stand superior, among others. There is extra layer of design element that differentiate them, yet it is sensitive enough not to overdo. In my case, I like how they are able to fully maximise the minimum space given, especially the small bedrooms with the bay window. I also like the fact that they are able to select the right material, as I am quite particular with it.