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Boon Keng




1,100 m²


4 rooms





Designed by

Also by Darwin Interior

Ubi Road

Boon Keng

Northshore Drive

Canberra Street



I met Mike through an unplanned visit to Darwin Interior’s Tampines branch, and I’m glad that I did!

I still remember the first sentence I told him when I met him was “I already got a few quotes, I’m just here to compare quotes. No promises”. His reply was an enthusiastic “Sure!”.

Despite my straight forward introduction, he came out with the quote within a day, and he’s not pushy at all. He understood all of my requirements and worked within my budget. Most importantly, he’s super easy and fun to work with! A single visit could end up with a few hours of chit chatting.

Our renovation was halted due to the circuit breaker but this didn’t stop him from keeping in touch with us. While others worry about their ID ghosting them, we do not have this problem with Mike at all!

Fast forward to a few months later when our renovation works resume. Mike constantly sends us video updates as we are unable to oversee the entire process. Yes, we only went up to our new place after work and when no one is there anymore just to look at the progress. This is how much we trust Mike.

One day, we went up and found out that some of our carpentry are gone. We called Mike with regards to this and he told us that he have sent it back due to some defects. Defects we wouldn’t have noticed. He could’ve hid it from us and leave it as is, but he didn’t.

I can go on and on but it wouldn’t express how thankful we are. Our renovation journey is a smooth sailing one all thanks to Mike. I would highly recommend him!

Daniel Ching

We had our renovation completed by Darwin and we were satisfied with the workmanship. Our ID was Clinton Tan. He was in fact the last ID we visited and he was the chosen ones among the 9 ID companies. Clinton is sincerely and reliable. He is very out front in providing the right pricing and right job. There is no hidden cost from him, no hard selling. Along the way, there were hiccups as in all renovations but he got it all settled for us. I would recommend Clinton for anyone who need a reliable, honest and dedicated ID. Thank you so much for the good job Clinton.

Geok Nah Koh

Our ID, Isaac, was extremely efficient and sensible when it came to our renovation. Upon hearing that there was a time crunch on our side, he was quick to plan all the renovation back to back such that we could minimize the renovation and move into our home ASAP. This, along with his knowledge and insights on different aspects of home design and practical ideas on placements etc, made our home design and renovation process very painless. Definitely recommend both Darwin and Isaac to those in the market for new homeowners.

Ganti Ganesh

Thank you Briana for having done a wonderful job! We initially did not know the exact design and layout we wanted and therefore had to go through many rounds of discussion. She was very patient and accommodating throughout the whole process.

During the Reno, we did not have to worry about the progress, not to mention it was just after the circuit breaker period. Surprisingly Darwin did not face the same resource crunch others in the industry faced. She was very detailed and had all the schedule planned out nicely. In fact most of the time it was her giving us the updates instead of us asking for it.

Although there were minor issues along the way she was still very accommodating and tried her best to find alternatives and solution for us. Given the time constraint of having to move in by a deadline, she still managed to deliver on time. I would consider me and my wife very picky and particular people who would usually nit pick a lot. We were actually surprised at how patient Briana was towards us with our never ending requests.

All in it was a good experience we had, we would definitely recommend her for their efficiency and quality work. Thumbs up!

Hewett Ng

Among a few IDs, I decided to choose Irene from Darwin Interior because she was warm, sincere and practical in her recommendations when we first met.

Our renovation journey was not easy due to the Covid Pandemic. Irene has been very patient and detailed in every step, involving us in the discussion and decision making. She has never imposed her own idea upon us, but she would definitely speak up when she saw potential concerns with our proposal.

We had some struggles in doing up our study room and Irene patiently heard us out and managed to find a win-win solution. Eventually, everything has turned up great, a place what we called home is beautifully presented to us.

Last but not least, Irene made tremendous effort in securing resources, planning manpower and coordinating despite the odd in this pandemic. Their timely work allows us to move in on time and save us on rental fee.

A big Thank you to you, Irene. Keep up the good work!

Chen Liyun


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