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Cashew Crescent




372 m²


5 rooms





Designed by

Also by Baum Project

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Cashew Crescent

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Suntec Tower

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We like the clean line and simple design which exudes elegance and makes the place looks spacious.  This is the second time we have used the services of the Baum team. The Baum team is engaging and provides good input.

Sylvia Sng

We purchased a landed property at East Coast and it consists of 4 levels. It was a huge project because we wanted to change everything in the house including the exterior of it. We went to different IDs to have various concepts to choose from but Baum Project’s concept caught our eye.

So we started working together with them and all i could say was the team put a lot of effort in the process of renovation. It was a very tedious work for them due to the huge apartment that we have, yet the team put in tremendous effort in managing the workers during the renovation phase.

They constantly ensured that the contractors are on time, and were doing the construction works progressively. The design team will always take turns coming down every single day to manage the construction works, stayed till everyone is out, and not leaving until they cleaned up the mess.

The concept that the team design consist of contemplary design as well as minimalistic. They surprised us with additional minor designs that liven up the atmosphere of the house. For example, we wanted to have a ‘play room’ at the 4th level of our apartment where my husband and son can keep their ‘toys’ and games.

Baum Project created a layout just for them, which cleverly optimized space, but adding a tinge of fun in the room. They even suggested installing a mini swing in the room, and it was a marvellous idea, my husband and kids loved it.

Not to mention, they even had an idea of creating an open spaced bathroom, where we were able to look at the sky while taking our time relaxing in the bathroom. Talk about privacy! We loved the idea and it came out well.

It has been 1 and a half year since we have moved in, and we are still not getting tired of the designs.

Baum Project turned our house into a home we were proud of. It was a pleasure working with the team, I strongly recommend Baum Project to renovate your new house!

Mr Ong

What Baum Project has done is create a residence for me that is both comfortable & practical with a huge amount of storage, a fantastic master bedroom, a stylish desk but is also at the same time a fabulous place to host all my friends and relatives and it makes it a real pleasure to live here. So I am very grateful to the Baum Project team.

Some of the design choices that Baum Project made were very courageous and I would never have chosen some of the things they did but the design and the layout is phenomenal and it has really inspired me to think more about how I decorate my house. I would like to thank the Baum Project Team. It has been a pleasure working with such a talented and charming group of people.

Henry Cooper Cowles

If I had to use a word to describe The Baum Team is fabulous. It is because me and my husband are very particular people but when The Baum Team showed us their plans, everything looked so perfect and detailed. Detailed not only about the renovation and the materials they chose for us but also how they handle the post renovation work – the way they cleaned the site and the way they present the different materials to their client. Working with Baum Project was a very pleasant journey because they are not only professionals but they are also very detailed and will design your home perfectly.

Jilly Wang

When we decided to revamp the exterior and interior of our restaurant, we knew we had to engage the services of Baum Project due to the unique designs that come with their brand.

They were quick to understand us and our business which helped them tailor a design that focused on attracting customers to the restaurant. I would also like to highlight that we are very impressed by the logo and signage that was designed and executed by the Baum Team! We highly recommend them!

Mr Moon


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