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Sky Creation

Sky Creation

Sky Creation is an award-winning renovation firm that has garnered the most awards in the industry over the years. It is a professional-accredited renovation firm that has attained many industry certifications for quality and industry best practices. These attest to the firm’s reputation and credibility. We work collaboratively with you to realise your creative visions. Every design necessarily combines meaningful aesthetics and fresh perspectives to enhance the way you live. Turning ideas into reality is something we envision, and this requires meticulous tailoring and execution to succeed. At the core of our work, we have a team that exhibits strong design principles and professional work ethics to facilitate our vision. As a creative source, we seek growth in our reach, influence and market value through a client-oriented approach that places every client in the centre of the design process. As a larger market now appreciates the finer nuances of discerning designs, it is our mandate to curate spaces with great intent to deliver the best possible results.

8 Kim Keat Lane, Singapore 328865


Kovan Residences

Jurong West

Henderson Road

Meyer Road Condominium

Nim Rise

Client Reviews

Thank you Sky Creation for the Superb Renovation – Services and Quality”

Our new house started renovation before circuit breaker, and unfortunately still have unfinished 30-40% renovation work.

  1. Acted and response immediately :-

Once the government is announced to open the phase 1 and allow the contractor to resume operation., Marcus helped on submission,, contacted workers and resume the work immediately after approval is obtained.

  1. Well managed and good planning :-

Due to time constraints as we need to hand over the previous house to buyer, Marcus managed to push and completed the renovation works before the date line.

  1. Services ( before and after renovation)

– Marcus responses to our quires, requests immediately even during weekend and critical period circuit breaker.

– he very experience and able to answer all the quiries and provided good advise immediately (on the spot), even contact the sub contractor immediately whenever is needed.

  1. work quality

– Very good as Marcus helped to monitor and make sure all the works are done with high expectations and good workmanship.

Really appreciate and thank you Marcus for the hard work. Keep it up and more businesses will come to you and Sky Creation.

Jason Ng

“A Pleasant Home”

We would like to thank John for his professional and his efforts, we really worried free, as he will follow up and get us updated during the process until hand over. This is a first time we felt the whole journey of renovation was so smooth. We just met up for few time which was payment, design, choose tiles, toiletries, lights and curtains. Save a lot our time for renovations. Good job for John and his teams that really make us stay at such comfortable place. Thank you.

Khng Kent

Kudos to Sky Creation

I would like to highly commend Yuhan for the job well done for my new home. Yuhan was very humble and she is not fussy in choosing customers. As I need to travel for work frequently, I hope that I can find an ID whom I can trust my home with as early as possible. Despite knowing that my keys collection will be 2 years later, Yuhan still accepted my project, while a lot of other IDs had turned me away.

On our first appointment, we hit it off really well. Yuhan is able to provide me with simple sketches of her proposed carpentry on the spot before the actual 3Ds. Actually, my preferred theme is not Yuhan’s usual design style, but she did not give up and eventually she exceeded way beyond my expectations.

Budget is set during our first meeting. Any additional works were always consulted with us beforehand and Yuhan is never pushy. In fact, she discouraged me from replacing some of the developer’s items to earn some savings for myself.

Yuhan is very accommodating to our schedule. There were a few occasions where she had to meet us in the late evening. Despite the late hours, she never once rushed through the explanations. Being a perfectionist myself, Yuhan always ensured that she goes through even the slightest details with us.

Not only responsive, Yuhan is also very responsible. Given my busy schedule; she will ensure that she is at site personally to see to important issues i.e. electrical wiring works, blinds / carpentry installation, delivery of lightings and aircon relocation etc. While I was overseas, Yuhan kept me updated on the work progresses and this allow us to complete the renovation on time according to the agreed timeline. Minor hiccups are inevitable, Yuhan always managed to get it rectified efficiently and effectively.

Post-renovation, Yuhan remains contactable for some of the minor defects that surfaced. She is able to do rectifications promptly as she had excellent rapport with the carpenters / contractors.

Although Sky Creation may not the cheapest ID firm in the market, for the exceptional quality of work (carpentry and electrical), I think it is money well-spent!

Sharon Lui