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Studio CS

Studio CS

The CS in Studio CS is pronounced as “程祥“ (“Chéng xiáng”) and the definition of this phrase is to have An Auspicious Journey:
Our ultimate goal is therefore to bring you through a smooth-sailing and satisfying Journey to your Dream home!

Starting our journey as designers of the Modernist Era, we have come a long way. Designers at Studio CS strive to create a ‘form follows function’ type of space, where functionality comes into play of spatial design, so our clients can have the best of both worlds – function and form. We not only design spaces, we also fortify a culture of creative imagination and meticulous behaviours.

All in all, what we believe in is that you have to love what you do in order to produce what you love – we value our clients and naturally, we are here every step of the way, from the pre to post sales period, we render a consistent and committed service journey.

1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Singapore 768160


Client Reviews

Behind this film is a great bunch of people who’s passionate about their work and building a home where you could let your hair down after a day’s hectic schedule. They listen to your requirement and pay extra attention to all details are what set them apart from any other IDs in the market. Everyone can build a house but not everyone can build a home. Highly recommended!

Garie Ang

Hui Xin & Terence are one of most dedicated ID’s I’ve met. After meeting many IDs we found Hui Xin and she’s been excellent in catering for all our needs. She very responsive when we have questions and solves every problem with an elegant solution.

Adhiraj Ghosh

My renovation experience has been a pleasant and relatively easy and smooth one, thanks to Hui Xin’s help. She is very talented and has lots of good design ideas to share (and I felt that she’s good at grasping the type of designs customers like so we don’t have to waste time!). Prices are reasonable too and overall I was happy with the outcome. She will stick to her schedule even when she is sick and will always reply my WhatsApp messages asking her which light/furniture to buy. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work 🙏🏻

Serene Goh

Thank you Studio CS for giving us a home of our dreams.
Terence and Huixin were patient and willing to listen to our dreams and expectations. They were creative in innovating designs and solutions for our concerns.
With a young child, they were attentive to our needs and were flexible with arrangements. They would also tailor to a child’s presence in the house and provide valid advices for areas we would miss out.

Studio CS has a dream couple to ensure you will be pleased with the outcome.
Terence is detailed with his quality of work while Huixin is creative and stylish in her designs.

Thank you very much for everything!

Vyonne Yap