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Walk-In Wardrobe Design Inspirations with Bonus Organisation Tips!


Walk-In Wardrobe Design Inspirations with Bonus Organisation Tips!

Love the idea of starting your day playing dress-up in a private space or having a nice display for your favourite #OOTD outfits, accessories, luxury bags, and shoes? Then a walk-in wardrobe is exactly what you need in your home! 

Here are some real-life, walk-in wardrobe designs in Singaporean homes to get inspired by!

Interior Design Firm: A Blue Cube Design

A Private Dressing & Makeup Room

Don’t like being disturbed or rushed by your partner when you are getting ready to go out? A private dressing and makeup space just like this is perfect for you to get ready at your own pace. 

The centrepiece of this design is of course the L-shape wardrobe, great for keeping all the amazing outfits you have neatly away and ready for any occasion. For luxury bag lovers, you can even custom-make a display shelf for your precious Birkins and more.

Done with your outfit? Simply head over to the minimalist desk by the side, to touch up your makeup and check your outfit in the mirror. And voila, you are ready to paint the town red!

Interior Design Firm: NJ Concept

Open Concept Walk-in Wardrobe

Want to have the sense of walking into a boutique every time you enter your wardrobe? Then this open concept walk-in wardrobe design is perfect for you.

With everything from your outfits to accessories on full display and accented by vanity lights, not only does it make it easy to pick them out for any occasion, but it also helps you keep track of exactly how many pieces you have in your closet, so you do not keep adding to it! 

Interior Design Firm: Elements ID

Walk-In Wardrobe Doubling Up as a Private Workspace

Want the benefits of a walk-in wardrobe but do not want to give up an entire room just for that? Opt for a multi-purpose space instead – just like this homeowner who decided to incorporate a walk-in wardrobe in her personal home office space.

Interior Design Firm: The Interior Lab

The Ultimate Walk-In Wardrobe for Him & Her

If both you and your partner love dressing up, why not consider a combined his and hers walk-in wardrobe to share? 

With two sides of the wall fully lined with top to floor open-concept wardrobes and displays, there is more than enough storage for all and more!

There is even a vanity counter with a huge mirror for the wife to do her makeup and a comfortable saloon couch in the middle for the husband to put on his precious sneakers! 

Simple Organisation Tips 

Planning for a walk-in wardrobe of your own? Here are some tips to consider for keeping it clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing at all times:

tter-free and aesthetically pleasing at all times:

  • Make a list of all your clothes and ensure sufficient storage or display space is designed for them.
  • Have a full-length mirror to check out your outfit before heading out and it also helps with the illusion of a larger space.
  • Have a mix of open shelves and cabinets – hidden drawer storage helps to hide clutter and keep dust away.
  • Use only one kind of hanger – this helps to create a consistent and neat look and feel.
  • Use dedicated organizers for accessories – like socks, ties, scarves, and more.

Looking to Create a Walk-In Wardrobe for Your Home?

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